H2 Smart Home Mold detector – discover the mold before it develops

Our fast and simple mold detection sensor

 With the H2 Smart Home Mold detection meter you can prevent mold. The problem with mold in your home is that it is actually too late when it is discovered. With H2 black mold detector, you can prevent mold from developing by informing you of the environmental conditions that can lead to its growth. This allows you to take early actions against mold before it harms your home and your health.

Simple operation:

Hardly any other system is as quick and easy to install as the H2 smart electronics for home. The H2 mold spore sensor is ready for use in just a few steps.

Better air quality:

Too humid air is not only unhealthy but can also lead to mold growth in the four walls in the long term. H2 home mold detector monitors the air quality in your home so that you can ensure fresh and healthy air in time.

Best mold prevention:

Air polluted with mold spores is harmful to your family's health, some types of mold are even really toxic. In addition, mold is very difficult to remove once it has settled down. H2 mold monitors warn you of mold formation long before it occurs. This allows you to identify and eliminate problem areas in your home.

Unobtrusive design:

The H2 Mold Spore Sensor is smaller than a butter biscuit. Therefore it can be placed inconspicuously anywhere you choose: With its simple design, H2 Mold fits effortlessly into your home.

Compatible with Alexa

IMPORTANT: In order to use this product you will need a Gateway, which is included in the H2 Starter Kit.