H2 Smart Home Air Quality

Our smart home climate control with app control

H2 Air Quality Sensors - measures and analyses natural and man-made pollutants in the air. The app alerts you immediately as soon as limit values are exceeded in your home, even if you are not there. Simple to install, easy to use and easily expandable with other H2 smart home gadgets.

Simple operation:

Hardly any other system is as quick and easy to install as the H2 system. Your H2 Air Quality control is ready for use in just a few steps.

Better indoor climate:

The H2 air pollution device measures everything that is relevant for the air quality in your home: humidity, percentage of used air or pollutants. This allows you to improve the room climate in a targeted manner, for example, by intermittent ventilation, installing humidifiers and/or eliminating sources of pollutants.

Unobtrusive, beautiful design:

The H2 smart home air conditioner controllers are no bigger than a power socket. It can therefore be placed inconspicuously at any location of your choice: With its simple design, the H2 Air Quality fits effortlessly into your home.

Compatible with Alexa 

IMPORTANT: In order to use this product you will need a Gateway, which is included in the H2 Starter Kit.