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⭐⭐⭐⭐ Simple but Effective & Easy to Set-Up - Mrs. Hatter

settembre 22, 2020

This is a pretty good starter pack to get you going as it has everything you need to get up and running straight from the box with the main unit the Gateway Hub, one of the Open-and-Close Sensors and the Weather Sensor. This is certainly enough to get started and have a fair amount to play with to get used to everything but you will still need to add more bits and pieces to extend the functionality and benefit to the rest of your home - saying that, it's the perfect starter pack if you know you only want one sensor for a particular purpose initially. I did have a flick through and imagined installing it all as per the instructions but still preferred for my partner to do it as it would be him that would be most interested in it's running and maintenance (which there is actually very little of) and him who would be playing with the commands and data and adding to the system with extensions etc, but it did inspire me with the confidence that I could have installed this just as easily on my own including setting it up with the router. The App is pretty simple and equally easy to use and you just scan the codes from each piece in and I do really like the way you can monitor things with this! I've gone from be fairly disinterested initially to wanting to make everything Smart! Home security/monitoring whilst away is definitely the best feature in my book although I don't know how you can get alerts instead of checking on the phone, although the weather/temperature sensor is good for monitoring specific rooms too, such a s a nursery, and we've added a couple more sensors already and I'm now also much more into the Smart controls for the heating and appliance etc - the only trouble is it makes you quite lazy and adds another way of being stuck to your phone, especially as you have to go into the App to see what's going on - so it's another thing to obsess about/keep checking up on.

We haven't had any problems with it and I think for the triple-set it's not bad value as I've been researching this a lot more now since having this for the past few weeks. The functions are mostly simple ones but these have been useful for us and I'm keeping an eye on new additions from H2 that we could add as and when needed.