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septiembre 22, 2020

When I received this product I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging – the whole system came in a relatively small box. Once I opened it I saw the gadgets (weather sensor, motion sensor and gateway) My first impressions were how slick these products looked. I also had a door/window sensor.
I had pre-installed the app via Google Play so was itching to get going. Once you open the app it’s really straight forward to add a device, you simply scan the QR code using your mobile phones camera, after a couple of seconds it recognizing the device and installs it to you phone. You then assign the device to a room in your house and give it a name. I started with the gateway which talks to all the devices, after installing this I then proceeded to get going with the other devices I had.

I firstly installed the open/close sensor, again this was found via QR very quickly and installed, I assigned this item to my porch. I forgot to mention the box came with loads of fixing options. I wanted this sensor to go on my front door, I quickly added the sticky pad to the back of each piece and line them up on my door.

As you can see from the pictures this sensor is very discreet, I even tested the discreteness of the product by not telling anyone who lived in my home about the new products to see if they noticed, up to now (after 3 days) no one has noticed them. This product works very well and I receive a notification each time the bond between the sensor is broken.

I also installed the weather sensor, this currently isn’t positioned anywhere but on my windowsill in my kitchen, this sensor gives real time information on temperature, pressure and humidity.


I currently have a smart home that is pretty advanced, I have a smart thermostat, smart speakers, smart lights, smart radiator valves and this H2 system fits right in and adds something to my home which the other products haven’t. In the past I have had a motion sensor but that sensor was pretty bulky, this H2 sensor is light weight and very discreet. I would recommend these products to anyone who wishes to jump into the smart home world. The biggest compliment I could give the H2 system is the simplicity of the system, the set up and user interaction is very impressive.