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H2 Smart Home Plug

Our smart power socket

IMPORTANT: In order to use this product you will need a Gateway, which is included in the H2 Starter Kit.

With the H2 Smart Home Plug you save electricity - and nerves! How many appliances are on stand-by in our household just because we cannot disconnect them from the socket every time? With the H2 Smart Home Plug you save money compared to conventional sockets. And then there's the convenience: With H2 Smart Home you can even control your intelligent sockets via our app when you're on the move. The H2 system is simple to install, incredibly easy to use and can be expanded with other H2 Smart Home devices at any time.

More control:

Never drive back home from a party again because you are wondering whether the iron is really switched off or not: with H2 Smart Home Plug you can actually switch off power sources selectively when you are on the move.

Save more electricity:

In an average household, about 80 watts of electricity consumption falls to stand-by. The use of intelligent sockets can save money here.

More safety:

H2 Smart Home Plug meet all safety requirements such as overload and over temperature protection

Unobtrusive design:

The H2 Smart Home Plug fit effortlessly into your home with their simple design.

Compatible with Alexa