H2 Smart Home CO₂

Our smart CO₂ sensor

The environment in one's home is not always that healthy. The CO2 sensor measures Carbon Dioxide in the air (CO₂) and lets you know if the air quality is good. If the CO2 percentage gets too high, you get immediately notified. The H2 Smart Home system is easy to install, incredibly simple to operate, and can always be supplemented with other H2 smart electronics for the home.

Easy operation:

Hardly any system is as fast and easy to install as the H2 system. Your H2 Wireless CO₂ sensor is ready for use in just a few steps.

Healthier living environment:

Smart CO₂ detector measures the amount of carbon dioxide in your living spaces. You can thus improve the indoor air quality by rush airing and/or removing sources of toxins.

Unobtrusive, beautiful design:

Our home carbon dioxide detector is no bigger than a mains outlet. This means you can place it anywhere without it being noticed: With its modest design, the H2 CO₂ can be effortlessly integrated into your home.


Compatible with Alexa


In order to use this product, you will need a Gateway, which is included in the H2 Starter Kit.