H2 Smart Home Open-Closed

Our smart door and window sensors with app control

The Open Closed module shows you via the app, anywhere at any time, whether windows and doors in your home are open or closed to increase burglary protection. The sensor is simple to install, easy to use and can be effortlessly extended with other H2 smart home products.

Easy to use:

The H2 door and window sensor offers you a secure overview of doors and windows in your home after just a few steps. Thanks to the simple installation and intuitive operation, you do not need any previous knowledge.

Highest security:

With the H2 app, you can check whether windows and doors in your house are open even when you are not at home - and this with full data protection security

Attractive design:

Due to the beautiful and unobtrusive design language, all H2 Smart Home electronics fit effortlessly into any home

Compatible with Alexa 

IMPORTANT: In order to use this product you will need a Gateway, which is included in the H2 Smart Home Starter Kit.